History of the Stanley Center

The Fargusson Building, built in 1886.

"Building to House New Bus Terminal"

This is the Fargusson building at Fourth Avenue West and Superior Street, where Duluth's new bus terminal will be located. Reconstruction of the building will be started by Northland Greyhound Lines as soon as approval is granted by WPB and ODT. One hundred fifty feet of frontage and vacant property on Michigan Street, immediately adjacent to the building will also be utilized in the new terminal.

Article published: June 26, 1945

Life Lessons with my Grandfather, Stanley

As a child my favorite game to play with my Grandfather was Monopoly. Much to my Grandmother's chagrin, our games would take up messy residence on the table for weeks on end. Every time bankruptcy seemed imminent and the table would surely be cleaned once and for all, Grandpa assigned a bank note until I could catch up. As you might have already guessed, I never lost.

Many years later during a commercial real estate transaction, my grandfather asked me what type of mortgage I was getting. When I told him, he just shook his head as if I had lost my mind. I couldn't resist adding with a playful smile, "Remember all of our games of Monopoly, and how you taught me to go to the bank when I needed money?" He may argue that those were not the only lessons he intended to teach.

My Grandfather is a very important person in my life, and I will always treasure our time together as I was growing up. For this reason, I decided to name this building "The Stanley Center" after a great man with many important life lessons to teach.

Melissa L. Swor

Article Published in the Duluth News Tribune, 2004

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